Solutions & Applications

Sustainable Aviation Fuels

Together with our refining partners, we produce Sustainable Aviation Fuel for medium to large aviation fuel companies and airlines to reduce air travel emissions.


We produce economically competitive Clean Hydrogen from waste that's cheaper than hydrogen produced from electrolysis and cleaner than hydrogen produced from fossil fuels.

Renewable Diesel

Our Waste-to-Fuel process produces a valuable form of SYNGAS that is refined into high-performance and advanced Renewable Diesel.

Renewable Methanol

Patented technology allows us to build specialist waste gasification plants that convert landfill-bound waste materials into Renewable Methanol.

generating electricity from waste

Renewably sourced electricity generated from waste improves electricity and power security and helps countries achieve energy independence. View our electricity options.

gasification of landfill waste
Waste Management

Our Waste-to-X Gasification plants convert the majority of all waste types into energy and valuable products. High temperature gasification of waste is the missing piece of the waste "Circular Economy".

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