Management & Engineering

Meet Our Team

Syn X Energy Pty Ltd is an Australian registered company specialising in Waste Gasification Plants propelled by an experienced team of executives, advisors and senior engineers in the gasification industry. Our operational management, advisors & engineering team are key to our success at Syn X Energy.


Hendrik Wiese

CEO | Founder

  • Commercial Law and Contract Management in global markets
  • Directing Commercial Risks, Contractual Disputes on major contracts
  • Policies, procedures, systems and operating budgets



  • Public Accounting, Public and Private Commercial Management, Consulting, Business strategy and Development
  • Growth and Development strategy for both large and start up enterprises
  • Resources, Tourism, Retail, Manufacturing, Production and Tech



  • Information Systems, Business Management & Mentoring experience
  • National & Senior Management roles in Innovation, Sales & Marketing, Retail
  • National, State and Executive roles in Banking, Financial Services, Ag & IT



  • Operational professional across multiple disciplines
  • Business Strategy Planning and Execution
  • Relationship and Customer Experience specialisation

Helena lang

board advisor

  • Experienced Advisor, Senior Executive and NED in global markets
  • Aviation, Technology and Infrastructure
  • Aeronautical and Design Engineer


Principal Pyrometallurgical

  • Global Design Engineer & Team Leader
  • Mineral Processing, Refactory & Lining Specialist
  • Consulting in Steel, Heavy Minerals, Cement and Glass


Principal Process

  • International Process and Design Engineer in Multi-Functional Projects
  • Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Utilities, Nuclear, Fuel, Space Propulsion, LPG, NG, RCA, CO Capture, Fire & Gas design
  • Safety System Design and Integration

Mauritz Coetzee

Principal Mechanical & Design

  • International Mechanical, Systems, Structural and Process Engineer
  • Various Patents registered
  • Power, Petrochemical, Nuclear, Thermal Energy, Military and Transport

Engineering Team Experience

Our engineering team have experience in all aspects of gasification plants, so the overall project time for commissioning a gasification plant is shortened compared to other technologies. Most of the initial work has already been completed and can expedited for new plants.

The engineering team skill sets cover all aspects of the Gasification plant, such as:

High temperature applications 

Prior customers/ projects include: 

  • Sasol (Global Petrochemical and energy company)
  • Mittal Steel (lscor - Major steel manufacturer)
  • Bayside and Hill side Aluminum smelters
  • Ferrochrome smelters
  • Pebble Bed Modular Reactor
  • High Temperature High Pressure Helium containing reactor and Test facilities
  • Steam boilers and heating plant etc.
Heat exchangers 

PBMR reactor, steam generators, hot gas ducting, heaters, recuperators, heat exchangers


Prior customers/ projects include:

  • African Rainbow Minerals
  • Sasol - Syngas / Fuel from coal
  • Gas to liquid plants
Extremely high temperature pressure boundary designs 
  • PBMR
  • various turbines and steam generators
  • Eskom fossil fuel power station boilers and steam generators

Pressure vessels and piping to ASME codes, PBMR (14 MPa)

Desulphurisation plants 
  • Kusile Power station
  • Fuel plants including CO-Shift, Methanation and seperation plants
  • Generation Sets, including steam and gas turbines
  • Air Separation and Gas Scrubbers

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