Waste Gasification Plants

Our Gasification Plants

Why Our Plant Design

Syn X Energy Pty Ltd’s proven Waste-to-X Plants are specialised gasification plants that convert over 90% of waste materials into clean, high-quality hydrocarbon synthesis gas or SYNGAS without harmful emissions.

Syn X Energy plants use a tried, tested and externally verified gasification process to gasify waste at very high temperatures. In the gasifier the waste feedstock disintegrates into its molecular compounds, creating the synthesis gas (SYNGAS).

The SYNGAS then goes through further refining systems in the plant's downstream based on end-user requirements to produce "X", including SAF, Clean Hydrogen, Renewable Fuels, Energy and valuable by-products. 

The end result is high purity offtakes and, depending on the feedstock materials, slag that sequesters valuable metals from the waste. These elements can be subsequently reprocessed in foundries. The remaining slag is a valuable, renewable resource for use in road base construction.

Reduction of Municipal Solid Waste of over 90%
Significant financial benefits from Syngas production
Able to produce clean hydrogen at prices well below the current market value
Ability to customise the offering to the consumer specific requirements
Plant meets all environmental requirements

Our Plant Designs

Typical Gasification Plant Elements

A typical plant would consist of the following elements:

  • Tipping ramps
  • Stockpile
  • Sorting compaction & recycling
  • Feeding into gasifier
  • HTGW Gasifier
  • Syngas clean-up and cooling
  • Further plants for fuel and storage

Syn X Energy's gasification process exposes waste to a temperature of more than 1650°C. Our technology utilises all CO from the process and the remaining slag is used for industrial purposes. The gasification plant is self-powering within a few hours of startup. Providing it continues to receive waste feedstock, it will create its own energy, remaining independent from the electricity grid.

  • Inherently Clean and Reliable
  • Processes most waste feedstocks
  • Scalable from small, single or multi-location sites to large industrial plants
  • Very low in emissions and no ash residue; negligible dusts and salts
  • With our HTGW technology, zero waste becomes a reality
  • Economically integrated into existing structures

Plant Construction

Plant Construction Project Phases

There are typically six key phases for a plant to become fully operational.




Scope &









Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a list of commonly asked questions and the answers to those questions.

What is the nature of the slag and what can it be used for?

The "Slag" generated by the gasifiers is the small amount of feedstock that cannot be gasified.

It is ideal for roadbase, unpaved parking lots or driveways. The slag can also be used to form part of an aggregate mix for other surfaces. The market value of the slag is market specific and depends on the final slag content.

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